Please note: All our computer program certification workshops are available in English and French, while the softwares are only in English.

Please see the list of available computer system workshops below.

CROWN Certification Program duration (4 days, $980 plus tax):

  • Plan A for completing a program - Regular: Two (2) weeks including six (6) afternoon or evening classes
  • Plan B for completing a program - Intensive: Four (4) days with classes of up to 8 hours each

CROWN Certification Course duration (1 day, $300 plus tax):

  • Plan A for completing a course - Regular: One (1) week including two (2) afternoon or evening classes
  • Plan B for completing a course - Intensive: One (1) day with one class of up to 8 hours

CROWN Post Graduate Computer System Certifications:

Mastering SAS  Mastering Project Management Computer Systems  Mastering Quality Management Computer Systems Mastering CRM Computer Systems
Mastering Clinical Research Computer Systems Mastering Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Computer Systems Mastering Inspections and Audits Computer Systems MAstering Document Management Systems
Mastering Literature Search Computer Systems  Mastering Website management Computer Systems Mastering Enterprise Learning Management Systems Mastering Barcode Computer Systems
Mastering Complaint Management System with Online Blogs Mastering Enterprise Content Management system and company portal Mastering Customer Relationship Management Computer Systems Mastering Microsoft Office Computer System
Mastering the Building of a database for any business function Mastering the production of eForms  Mastering pdf files

Mastering Enterprise Website Development



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