About Us

About Crown Medical research and Pharmaceutical Sciences College of Canada

  • Crown College is a leading Institution offering high quality and professional certificates in English and French for the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Research, Health Care, and Manufacturing industries.
  • Crown College offers very effective education focused on training learners for giving them adequate tools to start or to promote their careers in the field of Medical Research and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Crown Advantages

  • At Crown, we offer one-on-one mentoring programs allowing all of Crown students to succeed in the very high-demand industries.
  • We offer Career and Placement Services to help students to reach their career goals.
  • All the certificate programs at Crown are short term with maximum 30 hours of intensive class hours with a cost lower than $950 in order to allow students to become qualified in a short period of time for applying for jobs and to join the job market faster without accumulation debts.
  • All Crown certificates are prepared and offered for responding to the need of students seeking for long-term careers in growing industries.
  • Crown faculty consists of highly qualified, experienced in the Canadian Industries, and motivated professors with Ph.D.s obtained from Canadian Universities or International Medical Graduates who teach in medically focused courses. 
  • Crow College provides classrooms with corporate style meeting rooms with the comfort and technology needed to provide students with the best corporate-like learning and training environment.
  • Crow College offers financial assistance where students will be able to get loans from financial institutions through third party financial advisors who will be able to work with you depending on your financial situation.
  • Crown College has flexible program schedules and program start dates allow students to plan and begin their careers at any time. If applicable, students course schedules can be matched with their working hours so that students can be employed while completing their professional training.
  • Crown College is located in North York, and Richmond, Hill just steps away from public transportation.
  • Are you planning to visit the Crown College? please let us know so that we can set an appointment for you to have your first on-on-one mentoring session with us.