Average Salary for this job is $55.000 as per www.payscale.com/Canada

This unique program is offered over 4 weeks (one full day per week) and classes can be offered on Saturdays based on the students demand. Please contact info@crownacademy.ca for more information and registration.

This program includes 5 topics:

1- Introduction to Cosmetics and definitions

This topic is designed to orient students to the Cosmetics types, legislations and guidelines within the corporate and regulatory context from Canadian perspectives. 

2- Cosmetics Legislations in Canada including reporting of safety issues

This topic is designed to provide a framework for understanding the standards and regulations related to the cosmetics and registration. The course will start with a historical overview of such documents and emphasis will be on the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines, and GMP. Additionally, safety related topics from the Food and Drugs Act will be discussed.

3- Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics

This topic covers the ICH-Q7 regarding the international guidelines applied to cosmetics production.

4- Classification of Products at the Cosmetic-Drug Interface

This topic is addressing the classification approach that applies to a broad range of products at the cosmetic-drug interface. It is recognized that at a minimum, these products are perceived to have cosmetic attributes such as cleansing, improving or altering the complexion, skin, hair or teeth as per food and drugs act.

5- Cosmetics Registration 

 This topic will cover all of the steps involved in the registration of cosmetics in Canada.