The course covers the content of the government of Canada: Public Services and Procurement Canada project management recommendations. 

CROWN Program includes 5 necessary topics required to be qualified for job interviews as per project management job descriptions available at and 

  1. Fundamentals of Project management
  2. Project Leadership
  3. Project Planning, Quality, and Risk Management
  4. Project Estimation, Cost and contract Management
  5. Project Implementation and Management: Experiential Learning working with a Project Management Computer Program on one of the following industrial required skills: Clinical trial planning, Regulatory submission planning, QA project planning, Computer System Validation planning, Quality Control project planning, Inspection planning, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety reporting, Medical Marijuana QA Management tasks

The program will start at the beginning of each month and depending on available seats and students ‘ preference, classes are offered as follows:

  • Plan A: 6 afternoon-evening classes (5 hours each) over two weeks
  • Plan B: 4 classes of 7.5 hours each 

Cost for in-class program: $1000 + HST including 5 certificates (one certificate for each topic), one Postgraduate certificate, and lecture notes.

Cost for on-line program: $600 + HST (The online program does not include the experiential learning topic and there is no in-class instructions)

Extra fee applies if printed certificates need to be mailed to graduates ($25 for Canada). The fee for preparing and sending by mail (for Canada) each letter of recommendation or a job reference letter is $60 + HST.